is the experimental play-space of Andra Light + Ash Good


Andra Light

Andra Light serves as priestess for portals of intuitive knowledge in community by providing writing and workshop spaces for self-healing, offering tools for conscious body movement and tantric dance, and holding integration ceremonies. She channels her intuition in both energy work and energy play. Andra is a polyamorous queer woman intent on living vulnerably and laying groundwork for others to live similarly in their own power.


Ash Good

Ash Good tends life-force as a priestess delighting in experimental play that reveals and revels in one’s own intuitive power. She guides practices including poetry/story telling, art, movement, energy play, meditation and plant medicine as alchemizers of self-healing. As a companion at the threshold of the visible and the invisible, Ash creates rituals, tools and toys for beings to grow fluent in traveling the portal between outer- and inner-space.