Dive deeply into your internal landscape with a circle of like-minded travelers discovering themselves through writing, meditation, and self-reflection. Designed to offer peer witnessing and support on the path of self-exploration, this year-long journey is guided by published poets and priestesses Ash Good and Andra Light. No writing experience necessary; scholarships available.



Self-proclaimed high priestesses of all genders from around the globe who believe that intuition and curiosity are paths to the divine connect in this sub-Reddit community. Join the conversation as we support one another in our intuitive explorations of magic, ceremony, rationalism, personal growth, and spaceholding.


tap the power of co-priestesses

There's not much better than having a trusted queen alongside on ritual journeys to share in your aha! moments. Invite a friend to join you in self exploration! Subscribe together to Initiation / Initiatrix, our free monthly offering to encourage intentionality and self-awareness in every area of your life


Create Community where you are

Someone needs to be the spark, the webcatcher, the one to break ground. If you are called to invite friends to join you in ceremony, create an intentional community or lead a workshop, please reach out! We have materials available to help you hold space for others, including altar creation guides, writing prompts, and guided meditations, as you lead your emerging community.