To support our mystic practice, we curate a set of practice methods each month for continuing to deepen our relationships to our sensuality and our essential selves. As this is a constant process of becoming, we call this initiation, which invites you to start wherever you are.


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Receive + Release

September 2019


As we begin the transition from summer to fall, we find we are asked to evaluate our relationships to the ways we both receive and release. What are our habits in these areas and where could we stand to upgrade them?

There is no action necessary in receiving and releasing. Ideally, this is a passive process of transitioning what you are given into something you later give. However, we have a tendency to cling to possibilities or expect effort of ourselves, which is frequently counter-productive to nature’s processes. How do your personal expectations of yourself, cultural programming, and desires create blockages in your transmutation process?


These are games for your intuition. If you're not having fun, stop and go do something fun. You will find ease in accessing intuition, so if it isn't easy, it isn't intuition. If you don't believe in intuition, use your imagination.


Experiments for September

  1. Information Exchange

    The whole of existence, when we come down to it, is made up of information. Light is information, air is information, existence is information. As such, the act of breathing is a conversation with space, with those around you, and with nature itself. This information exchange is abundant and necessary for life. Take time this month to meditate on the way focusing on the breath is an act of release and receiving in a way that brings you more in line with your path and the path to healing the planet.

    Initiatrix Upgrade: With a partner or close friend, hold each other such that one person’s stomach is against the other’s back while you both lie on your sides. Then, the person behind should take a deep, stomach-expanding breath, and the person in front can experience and mimic their breathing pattern. How does this deepen your sensation of each other?

2. Reinvigoration

It’s altogether too easy to lose stamina and overwhelm yourself when you tell yourself and others that your life is full of stress and trauma. Where is “excitement” a better word for “stress” in your day-to-day existence? How can you use this to reframe your situation? There’s a great TED talk about this concept here.

Regarding trauma, in what ways do your trauma triggers take up too much space in your life? How can you compromise with yourself and work toward desensitization to prevent re-traumatization? If it is difficult to work from this angle, ask yourself which arena of your life is least impacted by your trauma or current challenge. Whenever you feel burdened by the past, remind yourself that you are still very capable in that area, and play to those strengths as you reclaim yourself from traumatic situations.

Initiatrix Upgrade: If there is a place on your body that houses your trauma, consider creating a touch ceremony around healing that part with a partner or close friend. Light candles, build an altar, and take things slow as your partner or friend massages and caresses the area. Demonstrate to that area of the body that it can be loved and reincorporated back into your wholeness. Make sure you make time afterward for conversations with your participant and self-care.

3. Coping Mechanisms

A coping mechanism is a behavior that improves the ability to overcome a difficult time. However, many of us continue relying on those behaviors even when the coping mechanisms increase later hardship. What coping mechanisms might you be overusing in your life (sugar, caffeine, alcohol, sexual intimacy, video games, etc.) and how long can you go without them without problem? What would your life look like if you functioned without them for a few days? Don’t fall into judgment about these behaviors; simply notice where and when they arise.

Initiatrix Upgrade: Decide with a partner not to exchange any sexual touch until both of you experience a strong, compelling desire for it. How does this change the momentum in your life? Do you find yourself with more energy or less as the result of this experiment?

4. Reallocating Energy

With back-to-school energy in the air, there’s an urge to begin moving from easy-breezy summer activities and spontaneity toward more structure and longer commitments. As your summer momentum changes direction, make sure you consciously choose where that energy goes. Make a list of activities you want to involve yourself in and allow yourself to stop in the middle if it is not working for you or your body. There’s little to gain but fatigue by forcing yourself to do something, especially if you’re not doing it for yourself.

Initiatrix Upgrade: What patterns or behaviors do you have with partners that have become the “norm”? How do you distribute labor, time, and resources in your relationship? Use the seasonal shift to solidify a new plan of attack that everyone in your relationship is invested in.

5. Integration Day

As you move through priestess initiation, leave time and space to integrate what you are learning and what has changed for you. We suggest doing this at least once this month. Your ceremony can look any way you would like, but we like to set intentions, make an altar, and consume some marijuana, leaving space for whatever our bodies want to do. There is often whiteboarding, dance, intuitive yoga, energy play, art, and community conversation.

Initiatrix Upgrade: As part of the effort to decolonize sexuality, we encourage you to reconnect with yourself through a self-pleasuring ceremony. Think of this as a way to meditate and return to center as you ritualize exploration of your own body.


Please document and share any of your experiences as you move through these offerings! We’d love to hear how these practices are working for you.




Last-Month Recap

The offerings for August focused on expressing invisibility, reprogramming the nervous system, identifying circles of influence, and tending membranes.

In August, several of my roommates in our house swapped rooms, and one roommate moved out. The process of rebuilding my room’s décor was fascinating for me, especially because I had an incredible desire to mount the snowboard I saved up for when I was 15 on the wall. Usually, I make shrines out of my bedroom, so I wasn’t sure that it would match the rest of the space, but it’s on the wall now and makes me happy every time I see it. I realized that, even though I haven’t snowboarded in two years, it’s still a large part of my identity that I want people to see.

I had several acupuncture appointments and a physical therapy appointment this month, and both of them illustrated connections in my body I didn’t know existed. The physical therapist identified areas of hypersensitivity in both my muscles and nerves, and I have been doing exercises to reduce that. I also spent some time in my yard building an abstract representation of a nervous system out of some beautiful curved sticks I found.

When our roommate moved out, I had to reevaluate my behaviors, and given that this roommate was a stranger to me originally and did not often reciprocate a desire to become friends, I breathed a sigh of relief when she left that I didn’t realize I was holding in. Now, I will have two partners and two close friends living with me, and this feels like a much more sustainable arrangement.

While I didn’t find a lot of time to meditate this past month, I did a lot of EMDR with my talk therapist, and that has given me a whole new perspective on how the left and right sides of the brain communicate. I’ve had more intense and vivid dreams along with powerful insights about the pain and panic I experience in my body. When both sides of the brain are engaged, powerful change is possible.

I hope you enjoy this month’s initiation!