Proclaim Yourself a Priestess

Each month, Andra Light and Ash Good curate a set of themes and practices to deepen our relationships to sensuality and the essential self. As being a priestess is a constant process of becoming, we call these offerings “initiations,” so start wherever you are.


open a portal to future self

Lightwandering is a free self-led ritual journey created for you to vision into the potential of what’s yet to come. Glittery and go-at-your-own-pace, in this online play area for priestesses you’ll be invited to experiment with meditations, mantras, journaling prompts and more.


dialogue with your inner wisdom

The Intuitive Oracle deck offers 48 full-color hexagonal vision cards. These potent priestess stories offer a mirror to evolve your inner landscape and will speak in traditional or creative divination spreads, as journaling prompts or as meditation doorways. Share your interpretations, find writing prompts for the cards and play with us on Instagram @intuitiveoracle.


Conscious Toys for pleasure Play

We find wisdom and freedom are intimately connected to experiencing pleasure in our own bodies. If objects can be charged with our essence (and we believe they can), what happens to our experience of ‘sex toys’ if we treat them with love and respect while celebrating the objects as extensions of ourselves in sexual ceremonies and altar centerpieces?