Intuitive Oracle Volume I


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The Intuitive Oracle deck’s divinatory messages speak through traditional or creative card spreads, inspire journaling as writing prompts and open meditative portals.

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Intuitive Oracle cards invite you to open a portal to your innate wisdom. These potent priestess visions offer a mirror to evolve your inner landscape as it unfolds in your life experiences.

The deck consists of 48 hexagonal cards, each offering its own tweet-sized vision story. Rather than dictating answers from a guidebook, this deck encourages your intuition to guide your meaning making. 

each order includes 48 full-color hexagonal vision cards (2.6” x 3”), 3 instruction title cards and aluminum travel case with holographic label

There is no wrong way to use this magic while growing your intuition. Your intention is the doorway. 

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“I love pulling an Intuitive Oracle card as a writing prompt for journaling. The imagery in these mini priestess visions is rich and invites writing from my own sacred experiences to flow.”