Where do I start?


There is no wrong way to play with this magic.

Your magic is a game for your intuition. If you're not having fun, stop and go do something fun. Accessing your intuition is easy, so if it isn't easy, it isn't intuition. If you don't believe in intuition, use your imagination. 

Perhaps the most common question we hear from people interested in beginning inner world play and embracing their own spiritual authority is “Where do I start?” We can share about our paths, the discoveries we’ve stumbled upon and the tools and toys we’ve discovered or been inspired to make, but no two paths toward growing into and tending one’s own power and intuition will be the same and rarely will any path be linear.


Here’s one way we think of the ingredients of our play/work:

ENGAGING THE INNER WORLD unlocks the wisdom of our bodies, minds and spirits so we can trust our self and our power.

PLAYING IN COMMUNITY where we are witnessed and able to access our vulnerability allows us to travel deeper, learn faster and enjoy intimacy with others.

WRITING OUR STORIES uncovers how our beliefs and shadows shape our future, transmutes all that no longer serves us and brings more clarity and vibrance to our inner world, our communities and our futures.


Within this online realm of expansion, you will find modes of self-exploration, pathways to inspire growth, and communities to support your creative practices. 

The real key is to START in the place that feels right to you.

Scroll for all sorts of good places to dive in
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May the sacred pull of your curiosity and pleasure guide you!




Proclaim Yourself a Priestess

Each month, Andra Light and Ash Good curate a set of themes and practices to deepen our relationships to sensuality and the essential self. As being a priestess is a constant process of becoming, we call these offerings “initiations,” so start wherever you are.


open a portal to future self

Lightwandering is a free self-led ritual journey created for you to vision into the potential of what’s yet to come. Glittery and go-at-your-own-pace, in this online play area for priestesses you’ll be invited to experiment with meditations, mantras, journaling prompts and more.


dialogue with your inner wisdom

The Intuitive Oracle deck offers 48 full-color hexagonal vision cards. These potent priestess stories offer a mirror to evolve your inner landscape and will speak in traditional or creative divination spreads, as journaling prompts or as meditation doorways. Share your interpretations, find writing prompts for the cards and play with us on Instagram @intuitiveoracle.


Conscious Toys for pleasure Play

We find wisdom and freedom are intimately connected to experiencing pleasure in our own bodies. If objects can be charged with our essence (and we believe they can), what happens to our experience of ‘sex toys’ if we treat them with love and respect while celebrating the objects as extensions of ourselves in sexual ceremonies and altar centerpieces? 





Dive deeply into your internal landscape with a circle of like-minded travelers discovering themselves through writing, meditation, and self-reflection. Designed to offer peer witnessing and support on the path of self-exploration, this year-long journey is guided by published poets and priestesses Ash Good and Andra Light. No writing experience necessary; scholarships available.



Self-proclaimed high priestesses of all genders from around the globe who believe that intuition and curiosity are paths to the divine connect in this sub-Reddit community. Join the conversation as we support one another in our intuitive explorations of magic, ceremony, rationalism, personal growth, and spaceholding.


tap the power of co-priestesses

There's not much better than having a trusted queen alongside on ritual journeys to share in your aha! moments. Invite a friend to join you in self exploration! Subscribe together to Initiation / Initiatrix, our free monthly offering to encourage intentionality and self-awareness in every area of your life


Create Community where you are

Someone needs to be the spark, the webcatcher, the one to break ground. If you are called to invite friends to join you in ceremony, create an intentional community or lead a workshop, please reach out! We have materials available to help you hold space for others, including altar creation guides, writing prompts, and guided meditations, as you lead your emerging community.






Self-led Writing and Meditation Journey

Use this series of altar guides, writing prompts, meditations, inspiration gems and somatic experiences to level up and inspire your writing. On this self-led journey, you’ll find support in writers who have come before and portals to catapult you into telling your story powerfully and with intention. 


writing workshops

Ash Good and Andra Light offer weekly writing practice series and half-day generative story telling in-person in Portland, Oregon, and a year-long immersive group program online via Zoom. Visit our calendar page for a full listing of upcoming writing programs specially crafted for writers, poets and mystics.


open a portal to inspiration

Feed your imagination and writing craft with our selection of anthologies, poetry and companion guides from fellow writers, poets and mystics.


Only Writing Prompts

Sign up with your email for a month of weekly journaling prompts intended to guide you through your process of self-exploration. Share what you write in our High Priestesses sub-Reddit community, or on Instagram @intuitiveoracle!